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The whole edifice of banking and finance is corrupt, along with those lax regulators who exist only for show.

This edifice is just like an iceberg floating in an earth-sized pig trough. Like an iceberg, nine-tenths of the corruption is below the surface, unseen.

HSBC is the current faux-defendant in one of the periodic show trials designed to maintain the charade that government authorities are interested in the rule of law. There is no longer due process of law when it comes to financial institutions. They continue to get away with the biggest heist in history, otherwise known as the too-big-to-fail bailout.

If anyone had the genuine authorization to properly check for illegality in all these financial institutions, I'd bet my last dollar that every one was operating corruptly without fear of jail among the management clique.

For this reason only - let alone the end of resource plenty and the beginning of lethal-to-humans biosphere - the end game is looming in sight for all of us. Iceberg/Titanic is a good enough metaphor for me.

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