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Marine protected areas really are quite different. I have snorkeled at Three Tables and I have snorkeled at Lanikai, both on Oahu. The difference is shocking. Lots of big fish vs. a few small fish.

If we CAN "recreate the past" - that is, recreate the conditions of abundance and health - we have a moral duty to do so. Realistically? Well, look at what's happening to the wolves in the American West - get them back to somewhat like normal numbers and every rancher and hunter wants to shoot them back into extinction.

Frank Furcsa

"Can we resolve the past -- lurking jaws
joints of Time -- the base -- to come
of age in a dry place -- holes & caves"

Jim Morrison

Mike Roberts

It's sad that some scientists will ignore some evidence from the past, simply because it's not scientific enough for them. That some scientists, even marine scientists, deny that the deterioration is as large as it is makes it even more difficult for the rest of us to take notice. The future looks bleak.

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