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We frittered away 3 trillion dollars of SS surplus and now Krasting poor-mouths about how it's broke and how the "wealthy" seniors should pay just a little more to help "fill the bucket", as if it's their fault the bucket is empty and they should feel guilty for not "paying their fair share".

Doubtless, wealthy seniors would include my 70-year-old mother, who supported us as a single mom on a teacher's salary for 30 years before retiring to total pension/SS of about 35 grand per year plus the simple IRA, she responsibly socked away at 50 bucks a month for years and years. Since she owns a car and a tiny house outright due to decades of penny-pinching, she should have to pay a tax on those assets, dammit! She should be ashamed of herself for having a bit more when other people have a bit less. God forbid we direct attention back to elected thieves who spent the money she sent them every month before it ever had a chance to be deposited in a trust fund.

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