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Dave - The Truth you reveal is so cold but at least it's real. One would think that part of being a mature adult is dealing with the truth, but sadly and predictably, it appears a great many people find the truth unpalatable and therefore deniable.

This brings us into the realm of psychology. And I have a further thought regarding this. From the mythological bird's-eye view, what is going on with regard to rising debt is directly linked (IMHO) to the species-wide subconscious death wish that permeates "life" now. As we decline and head towards the exit, we are hardly bothered by concern for future generations and their ability to repay the debt that we build up now.

In a funny sort of way, borrowing as much money as possible and then defaulting en masse would be a fitting way to kick the financial sector back for the thieving mess they have made. Whether "normal" people are doing this consciously or blindly is for others to ascertain.

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