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Fran Joseph

When Ezra first appeared on the scene, I liked what he had to say. Recently, I read something he wrote and reacted similarly to what seemed to me as a moving to the dark side. Maybe he likes his job and its perks just a little too much. Happy to know that you chose approach #2.


There is of course alternative #3:

Wheel this Ein Klein Scheisse-Musik right into the lake behind him, where he can rejoin his fellow toads.

Ean "Get me off this planet" Gray

Well, just another example of how delusional human society has become. Can we really expect anything different?

On an unrelated note, I found this article about how humans have collectively reached our peak intelligence decades ago. What surprised me was not the content of the article of itself (because, really, who didn't suspect that already?), but the final insanely optimistic conclusion of the writer that we could "magically correct" this with a vague form genetic engineering or whatever. What got me is that he actually wrote "magically" in a supposedly scientific article...Somebody shoot me, please. I give up on my own species.


Dave Cohen


Unfortunately, we can not do to Ezra what, in our hearts, we would like to do to him... It would not be legal, nor would it be morally "right" in some sense which eludes me right now.

These considerations don't make these un-taken actions any less appealing, if you know what I mean.

So I left that alternative off the table.

-- Dave


He's not alone. Bill O'Reilly has to be at least an equal in sycophancy.

Dave Cohen

Re: Bill O'Reilly

O'Reilly is a hack, a crude propagandist to the ignorant.

Comparing Ezra Klein to him is like comparing Mozart to Lady Gaga.

-- Dave

John D

Yep, the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Mike Roberts

Yeah, if you take one event per year for the last 50 years, then string them all together in a few sentences, it will seem like astonishing change. Shame he left off most of the astonishing changes that are leading us to oblivion.


Today I truly did not want to get out of bed. Things inside my end -- as you know the only place that really matters to any of us -- are simply going from bad to worse. Well as I lay there thinking what is the point a little thought entered my head:

"I have to get up to read Dave. I hope it is a good one."

Out of the ball park!

My question is what would have this sycophant have written if Mittens had won? The mother of all consolation pieces?

I read this big steaming pile as proof positive as to why "liberals" are more dangerously delusional then "conservatives".

You say "ocean acidification". They say "gays in the senate".

I am quite certain they truly believe that at some future date our first Black-lesbian-native-American-foreign-born president will be able to start the slow but certain process of dealing with those other "astonishing changes" Mike Roberts made reference to just above.

Did not Obama mention climate change in his acceptance speech? Clearly the process has already started. Be prepared to be even more astonished.


I guess some problem in my HEAD will never get better. Will be a more diligent proof-reader for future comments posted.

Stu from Rutherford

I don't comment very often, but "for if wonders like Ezra Klein are possible, what amazing things do we have to look forward to in the future?" deserves applause. I actually laughed out loud, and I am one jaded person.

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