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Dave - regarding your analysis, the chances of you eating crow are about the same as 13-foot-tall aliens landing their spaceship on the White House lawn, emerging waving a Stars & Stripes in green, black and orange, brandishing last weekend's winning rollover lottery ticket, handing over a large diamond etched with the proof of The Theory of Everything in 29 single-syllable Cajun dialect words, and starting up a perpetual motion machine that emits globe-spanning instant cures for all forms of cancer and alcoholism.

All before lunchtime.


Yeah, what Oliver said lol

John D

I almost feel sorry for the guy at Bloomberg tasked with writing about the conference. Even he must know it's bullshit.

Ken Barrows

I want this poll question asked: If combating climate change means fewer airplane trips and fewer vehicle miles traveled for you and your family, would you support that action?

<10% Yes
>90% No


We are doomed as a species as we cannot back off of our addiction to 'stuff'. Growth is no longer possible if we want a livable planet for our grand kids and theirs, but we are too selfish to even consider that. Too bad. Humans are proving that we are NOT an intelligent species and deserve to go the way of the dinosaurs.

Ean "Get Me Off This Planet" Gray

You know something, Dave, I honestly no longer feel disdain and disappointment for our species. I have arrived at a deep sense of "enlightened" pity for all of humanity. Because it is clear to me, when you take into the biological and natural considerations of our conditions as humans, this fate was literally inescapable. The story of mankind was perhaps the most brilliant tragedy, ever.

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