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J. Drew

I am reminded of this show "River Monsters" on netflix. I naively thought might be a relatively interesting, maybe a bit cheezy nature documentary about big freshwater fish, but boy was I wrong. For starters, It is more about fishing than the fish themselves, as the douchebag host is, in addition to supposedly being a Biologist, an "extreme angler", who will go to any lengths to fish for the biggest most endangered fish on the planet. But that isn't the worst part. The worst part is how the show is set up, which is like a criminal investigation. Captain Spraytan puts a different fish "on trial" every week to decide if they are the vicious, evil man-killing monsters people say they are, stopping just short of actively encouraging hunting to extinction any species of fish that has the audacity to kill a human once in a blue moon. Natually, when I went online to see if I wasn't the only person that felt this way, the first thing I found was some lady who thought he was awful because he was releasing the "monsters" instead of killing them.

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