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JFC Dave - there's so much fucking shit going on and people fucking ask you about your fucking use of language???!!! What the fuck!

Good old Anglo-Saxon is the appropriate language, seeing as we're back in the Dark Ages, where education has again become the fiefdom of the chieftains' spawn with their large piles of stolen loot.

Rather than protest in the streets and get coshed, pepper-sprayed and tasered by the rabid bullying militias formerly known as the boys in blue, I think all students and graduates up to their eyes in hock should default on their loans, en masse. There aren't enough courts to process the millions of actions for repossession. Fuck knows, maybe the government will pay off the defaults, because Young People Are Too Big To Fail.

Oops no, the young are expendable, and don't pay the million-dollar levies that buy political influence from whoever wins the sham election.

In summary: FUCK!!!!!!!

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