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Thanks Dave - this is an excellent piece that clarifies things really well for me (I am sure this goes for all of The Astonished sliver of society).

The "interesting" group is The Captured, who are basically given permission to buy (hook, line and sinker) whatever they hear uttered by The Corrupt. It's exactly like a religion - subtle brainwashing that uses a Gospel According To St. Goldman to promote and reinforce unquestioning belief in Greed as Good. Brought bang to date, this is the underlying point in Orwell's 1984.

Given this truism, it is just about impossible for such people to be shaken out of their Captured status, because it would rock their world too much. (Let alone their pay checks.)

And I must say, I am glad to feel I belong among The Astonished. It's been awfully lonely here amid England's sleeping-at-the-wheel populace.

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