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Bill McDonald


I just thought of what may be Bill McKibben's next big cause.

I have an idea that while not as technically sophisticated, does offer a source of green, reliable, and renewable energy.

What you do is force feed the McKibbens, and the study authors of reports like these, horse lima beans and other fiber filled foods. It is absolutely forbidden for the recipients of the feeding to be allowed to obtain any Beano as that would disturb the green energy process's fermentation to obtain proper flatulence levels.

They, of course, due to the leakage of fermenting green energy producing gases which have an odor quite distasteful to other humans, will have to be segregated from other members of productive human society. In addition, if they are smokers, they will have to stop, due to the dangers of inadvertent ignition of the ripe, fetid green energy producing gases that will be seeping from inside their bodies. These green energy raw materials will be too valuable to waste in an uncontrolled burn-off or gas venting situation.

This they will not mind as they themselves have often talked about the need for humans to sacrifice, in order to save the planet from the evils of climate change. And their self sacrifice, will hopefully lead others to make a similar decision to help in the fight to stop global warming and climate change.

Now I am just the idea man. There will have to be a study of this idea to determine the most precise way to capture the green energy gases as they are emitted from the bodies of the sacrificial lambs.

Since Washington is Ground Zero for funding studies such as this, I suggest that the Obama administration, if serious about stopping climate change, should get right on this.

Perhaps initially a public service campaign using social media might be a cheap way to get a strong field of motivated candidates lined up, to get the first batch of green energy producing gases for the next generation biogas production plants, which could be easily retooled to utilize the new renewable gas fuel.

All I ask for coming up with this idea, is that one of these plants not be built upwind from my residence. Perhaps an offshore location might be best for the bio-gas plant, as well as the "crop growing" area.

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