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Ken Barrows

I have no disagreement, but I don't know that fixing speculation would do much. Say nothing could be bought in commodities or equities with margin. I am thinking prices plummet across the board. Then the question (with commodities) is what will happen with supply.

John D

This post reminds me of the comment by Matt Tiabbi in his book about Goldman Sachs: "If the world were going down the drain, GS would find a way to be the sink strainer." Barclays would find a way to charge for the water going down the drain.

One would hope there could be a system where only farmers were allowed to speculate on prices, as a hedge, but I suppose that is naive thinking.


Never met a trader/broker that I didn't want to strangle within five minutes of introduction.

Joe K.

<> Please, no more! I'm sick of this Liberal stuff and Conservative stuff. How about just "Common Sense notion..." I haven't seen any progress with the homeless whether it be Reagan, Clinton, Bush or Obama. Same with the wars.

Regarding poverty, how about some articles on good ol' willpower. Too much emphasis on helplessness and that defeats the human spirit. I've hiked trails in piss-poor Nepal and saw kids reading books on cold rocks. The problem is this Welfare System and the lack of civility and culture particlulary among the Blacks, Hispanics and Whites in that order, but there are inclusions for all races.

Same with our Justice System. You can't walk the streets without worrying someone clunk you on the head for money or just the pleasure of killing you. I will trade my system I live in for Singapore punishment. Beat them and kill them. I'm almost 49 and I'm sick of it and this ACCEPTANCE by the American people defies logic.

The only thing I can hope for these food speculators is that they lose their asses and that the govt. doesn't bail them out. Fat chance. Bush, Obama, Republican, Democrat-never happen! Need term limits or create our own with encumbents voted out after 2 years, but if guys like McCain and Reid getting reelected, the populace is lost as well.

What happened with Corzine and MF Global? This guy is walking around like nothing happened AND fund raising for Obama.

Yes, it is the Decline of the Empire. Appropriate title for your blog.

That's it. Have a nice day!

Dave Cohen

@Joe K

The term "Liberal" in this post is the historical term used to describe the belief in a march of Progress starting in the 18th century and carrying on to the present.

My use of that term in this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the terms "liberal" and "conservative" as used in contemporary American politics (except in this historical sense).

I know this is confusing for people who do not understand the historical reference. When I am criticizing American "liberals" or "conservatives" in a post, I will let you know it.

To understand what I'm talking about further, read Christopher Lasch's book The True And Only Heaven: Progress and its critics.

-- Dave

Jack Leonard

Wasn't Barclay's the big player in the recent LIBOR fix? That is it was discovered recently, apparently it had gone on for a number of years and cost investors and governments billions and maybe trillions.
"oh well" you can hear the regulators saying.


RE: “Barclays would find a way to charge for the water going down the drain.”

I still remember being most affected while watching the amazing (IMHO) documentary “The Corporation” ( http://www.thecorporation.com/ ) by the story of the privatization of water in Bolivia by Bechtel ( http://www.commondreams.org/views/071500-101.htm ).

While I guess that atrocity has since been reversed ( http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=6670 ), I have no doubt that ever worsening outrages will populate our future.

I sure wish I could find a copy of that 1973 classic “Soylent Green” so I could watch it again. Although I had dismissed it at the time as just another unbelievable Charlton Heston “B”- grade science-fiction apocalyptic fantasy ( i.e. “Planet of the Apes”, “Omega Man”, “Ten Commandments”) – I now view it as one of the most prescient films ever made!

And it tastes great too! ( http://www.soylent-green.com/ )

Bill McDonald

Now that's something I would pay big bucks to see, even if I could only view it via webcast. Just imagine this scene: Jamie Dimon or Jon Corzine for example, after being given a fair trial, led into a room, having their pants removed, a protective padded belt put around their waist to protect the kidneys, strapped over a sawhorse- forced to wait for a few minutes while a very muscular martial arts expert limbers up with a brine soaked cane- then the signal is given and the cane is wielded with a sure and hard stroke right at the exposed backside of the miscreant, whose screams will be broadcast worldwide.

One can always dream I guess.


@ Bill McDonald

Why waste energy? Skip to the main course and, well, you know. Simple.”

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