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Well jeez Dave! You expect us to care about these lesser beasts, even if they don't directly put money into our pockets? You, sir, are an eco-tyrant!


When I talk to my mom or dad about conservation, or my brothers, they agree on the substance——that endangered species have value in and of themselves as sentient FEELING beings——but they don't know what to do to help. The sad reality is——it is a really sad and fucking depressing reality——we can't help. There isn't anything we can do on a wide enough scale to stop this insane holocaust —— I don't ever use that word lightly.


Here is a notion Homo sapiens all seem to hold and share that pisses me off: Homo sapiens seem to believe they're the only creature on this Blue Rock that feels. The only species who experiences cold, fear, joy, hunger, or meaningful social relationships. Well, anyone with a fucking brain and a heart — which precludes 90% of Homo sapiens — knows that isn't true.


Heh, I guess .... anthropocentrism ... just can't escape it

Andrew Kirk

Your saddest post in the circa. three years I have been reading your literature. Life on an asteroid, indeed. Soon, we will all sleep forever, together.


To paraphrase John Donne:

Every species' extinction diminishes me

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