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Chris Notts

You say:

I made an effort to distinguish myself (or scientists like Jeremy Jackson) from Doomers yesterday, but those distinctions were apparently too difficult for some readers to understand, no doubt because emotional responses preclude a reasoned consideration of such distinctions.

I don't think this is fair. What I and others wrote was, I thought, reasonable and not based on knee-jerk emotional reactions. Our point was that the difference between your position and the position of those you criticise is more one of degree than kind, with lots of shades of gray in the middle. No-one said that there was no difference between your position and, say, the Orlovs of the world, merely that there are many kinds of 'doomers' and that the positions are not so completely distinct as you present them to be.

Perhaps you might want to consider that seeing everything in terms of black and white and hard divisions is another common symptom of the religious mindset you criticise?

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