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Dave Cohen

Re: a canfield ocean

I first read about a "canfield" ocean when I read his original paper in the journal Science (1998)-- A new model for Proterozoic ocean chemistry. Nature 396:450–453.

For background, you can read here.


"About a decade ago, Canfield offered a very different possibility—that ventilation of the deep ocean lagged behind the Great Oxygen Event (GOE, about 2.3 billion years ago) by more than a billion years, resulting in a vast, deep reservoir of hydrogen sulfide, but long-held presumptions about photosynthetic life in the surface waters remained untouched..."

Back in 1998, I did not associate such a possibility with future oceans. Donald Canfield was talking about the Proterozoic -- "the period of Earth's history that began 2.5 billion years ago and ended 542.0 million years ago is known as the Proterozoic"


Now, I'm not so sure we might not eventually end up with oceans that look much like they did a billion years ago.

-- Dave

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