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Anywhere But Here Is Better

It is the fate of great thinkers - independently minded truth-tellers - to be treated as surplus to requirements by 'society', which after all is a coalescence of greed-centred egoism that has no interest in or empathy for the truth.

Accordingly, Gore Vidal occupied a space at the margin, just about tolerated but muffled by the media hologram's outpouring of Disneyesque nothingness. Dave, I may venture to suggest that you share the same fate as Gore. All the more reason to keep on keeping on with DOTE.

Once upon a time, you would have found a sympathetic publisher to issue your essays in a series of books. Alas, intelligent printed matter is a scarcity, so we need to rely on the internet to read your sagacity until the grid finally fails. (You'll have noticed that India has just had a test-run of zero power.)

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