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Reality Bites

Dead-on Balls Accurate, as per usual.

Some doomers want "the crash" (economic, climate, military, etc.) to come sooner rather than later. I think that most of us won't survive it anyway (nor would I really want to live in "The Postman" or "The Road" type world anyway) so I'd rather just stretch this fucker out as long as possible, maybe another 20 years or so, to enjoy what we have left of this modern society.


The ones welcoming "The Crash" are the delusional ones who think that they will be Kevin Costner instead of dead plague schmuck number 3. Human society in its modern form is a fabrication, but it's a damn sight prettier than what happens when it disintegrates. I expect it will look something like the civil warfare in third world nations. Armed factionalism struggling over the scraps of what is there and raping and murdering anyone in the way. Of course the very wealthy will still retain whatever substance still exists and will be the ones sitting as Lords/Dictators/whatever paying and arming the factions.


Dave, you're right. I think we will see renewable energy initiatives devolve pretty quickly as the economic growth imperative continues to obliterate everything in its path. As you correctly point out, economic growth and renewable energy don't mix well (except perhaps when heavily subsidised by fossil fuels).

Brian M

So, let me see if I can summarize...

1. Human beings are not rational.
2. It's always about the money (i.e., economics is more important than everything else).

Does that about cover it?

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