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Hello, Dave:

"... investment is a longer-term, buy & hold activity."

Not anymore it isn't. Anybody in the stock market should get out and put the money in insured state banks and credit unions. A healthy chunk of that should be in a safe in a secure part of your house. 401Ks and 503(b)s are more problematic. If you can, choose treasuries. The same for IRAs.

On a somewhat related note, anyone who has an LLBean Visa card should note that the card is issued by Barclay's. Yes, that Barclay's of LIBOR fame. May I suggest that you contact Bean's CEO and tell them that they have a bad partner and that you would like to see the relationship dissolved quickly. (Please pardon the proselytizing but I'm trying to do a few things right amidst utter chaos and corruption.)

Enjoy your weekend, all.

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