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There's something odd about a group of scientists flying to Australia to yak about environmental degradation. Each passenger on such a trip generates about 10K pounds of CO2 going one-way.

I don't understand why these mavens of technology don't do this online. It's a simple thing to set up. My bet is that there are funds available from sources (taxpayer dollars for the state-employed profs and foundation grants for the private dudes)that make this more of a vacation jaunt and a CV puffer for many of them.

"Yak-Yak-Yak. I'm authoring a white paper on this or that crisis forthcoming in such and such journal Blah-blah-blah."

Many of these academic asshats/scientist poseurs would make a much greater contribution to the Earth's well-being if they strapped on an explosive vest and walked into Monsanto's (or any TBTF bank's) HQ and flipped the switch.

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