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Anywhere But Here Is Better

Dave - I don't know why I'm laughing so heartily after reading your latest gem, seeing that should Mitt the Schitt get "elected" I imagine we'll soon be experiencing those flashes in the sky. Let alone more avenues of hot coals lined up for the drones.

I blame the Duck and Cover film. If that was Exhibit A in the some galactic court room where Homo sapiens was on trial for criminal asshole-class stupidity, we'd be on death row by lunchtime. I particularly adore the scene of a boy knocking a girl right into a wall in his dash to save himself, and the picnicking woman hiding her head under a plastic sheet with her bare legs twitching in the open air.

After my fit of mirth for which I thank you, I'm ready to head off for the smallest room, where I will unleash my power within. Jehovah help my neighbours.


Hello, Dave:

Robbins has been swindling people (mostly business people) with his happy, feely release-the-schmuck-within bullshit for many years now. And making a fortune doing it. It's about time for him to give back the loot, via lawsuits, of course. And perhaps a quick trip to the slammer.

As I recall, the incidence of paranormal activity and UFO sightings increased enormously after the break-up of the Soviet
Union. The same thing will/is happening here now.

"Beam me up, Scotty" as the saying goes.

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