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John Wilson

Watching George Will, even for research purposes, would require me to use significant psychotropic enhancement.

It's a hard job you do, Dave. If you weren't sending the reports from Planet Stupid I might have to visit more often myself. Your sacrifice is appreciated.


I've long believed that somewhere not particularly far down the line, any surviving humans will curse their forebears at the beginning and end of every meal.

Mister Roboto

What mistake do you believe Mother Nature made in the Pleistocene? My guess would be, ending the ice age and replacing it with the climate that made agriculture and therefore civilization possible.

Dave Cohen

@Mister Roboto--

Human Evolution During The Pleistocene (brief intro)


Body mass and encephalization in Pleistocene Homo


-- Dave

Mike Roberts

Good grief, a quick transition from devastating climate change to baseball. I guess that sums up the media's approach to the issue - it's just another issue to discuss, among a whole host of issues that need to be discussed. George said "get over it", and they did!

That poll is amazing; 35% of respondents trust what scientists (presumably, climate scientists) say about global warming "a little or not at all". Only 26% trust what they say "completely or a lot".

Planet stupid, indeed.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

This life starts with stupid pain (eviction via the stupidly narrow birth canal). It continues with stupid pain throughout childhood (from crying for more stupid milk to fighting stupid turf wars with parents and siblings to side-stepping truly stupid bullies in the school yard). Painful stupid adolescence kicks you in the balls or tries to barnstorm your vagina, depending on gender and orientation. Adulthood brings pain on a whole new stupid level (from unrequited stupid love to stupidly unfulfilled sexual desire to thwarted stupid ambition). Stupid middle age brings angst, disappointment and growing despair beyond any measure of stupidity. Then old age creeps up on you like a thief with any number of stupid additional dollops of pain (onset of organ failure, decrepitude, senility and spectating as your contemporaries peg it one by one).

Occasional microseconds of joy convince you not to fall accidentally under a train, such as a particularly fine orgasm or a slice of warm chocolate fudge cake or listening to the Ozric Tentacles on headphones in a darkened room. (I recommend the latter as an instant brain repair should you accidentally catch more than five seconds of imbecilic Fox News while channel hopping.)

Yes, I would add it all up and come to the same conclusion as you have Dave, albeit from a slightly different direction. It's just plain stupid, this thing called human life. The pain it inflicts on stupidly sentient us just ain't worth it. And if there was an almighty god in whose image we were made, I'd have just one message to deliver at those pearly gates, en route to my preferred final destination called Oblivion.

"God," I'd intone, calm as a dead parrot in a comedy sketch, "you're fired."

T E Cho

It's gettin worser faster now ...

There WILL be an AHA point of realization, a tipping point of ' wow, this really is for real ' . What will be the reaction then? There's got to be some historical precedents. Perhaps most of humanity is in the 'denial' stage of denial-> anger -> depression -> acceptance . The anger is next, what will that be like?

The predictions are wars over water, ESP when a country dams up rivers for their own use, depriving downstream countries of water. African govts damming the Nile, India and Pakistan,Bangladesh, to name 2 areas ripe for conflict.

And this doesnt count the other looming disasters Dave has detailed, ocean acidification, methane from arctic regions, economies worsening, political polarization, obesity/health epidemics, middle class powerlessness, etc. Etc.
And water is need for food irrigation, wait till that hits the fan. All the while floods of refugees.

It's beginning to look like an Armageddon, a disaster of biblical proportions, 'myth' becomes reality.

Probably before the end of next year there'll be so much bad news, Dave won't even be able to keep up. He's practically having difficulty now, as he has hinted at. An embarrassment of riches of bad news. No disrespect intended.

So the focus will shift from what will the next 20-40 years look like to what will the next 5 - 15 years look like. Or a shorter time frame even. And the focus will keep getting shorter and shorter.

My $0.02 . But when the US military/ intelligence briefings/predictions begin to sound like something from Revelation, you know we are in for one hell of a ride.

It jus all feels that way ...


About five years ago, the Pentagon produced a paper on global warming. It got virtually zero coverage in the U.S.; I learned about it through a British newspaper. I was able to track it down and read it. It's 28 pages long and can be summed up in one sentence: Climate change is a greater threat to humanity than terrorism.

And it's been known for some time that the next wars will probably be about water. We already have various states fighting over who gets to use the available water. And bottling and selling water is now big business, though I doubt poor people buy any.

In addition, any discussion of pollution in our oceans just depresses me. I've given up eating sea food. And I mourn for the sea creatures that are dying because humans are just so fucking stupid and selfish.

Finally, if I was younger and not handicapped, I would have joined the anarchists in burning down the banks and our corrupt Congress, and then moved on to the multi-national corporations that are killing us and the planet. Prayer may help in the short term, but scaring the shit out of these bastards is better.

Mister Roboto

Only summer, eh? Then why has Wisconsin's governor declared a drought emergency in 42 counties?


Anywhere But Here Is Better

Sharonsj - I share your pain. The corruption is so endemic, I guess we'll have to accept that the earth (mother nature, Gaia, whatever) needs to kill this pesky virus before it completes its mission to maim and despoil the entire biosphere.

We are that virus, every one of us unfortunately. Even if we do nothing personally to contribute to the poisonous behaviour, we need to take the rap for those insanely short-termist power groups you mention. It has always been like this, although this latest incarnation of viral activity is likely to be the last shake of our species' stick.

The only consolation is the strange camaraderie between those few of us who see beyond the numb emptiness of material life.

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