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Anywhere But Here Is Better

Well Dave, today you surprise me. I have listened carefully to all you've been saying in your posts these past months since I happily discovered your voice on the web. What you write about chimes with my own understanding after decades of witnessing the brainlessly destructive (what I can only describe as) antics of my fellow human beings crawling like a virus across the biosphere, quarrelling with, maiming and killing just about anyone or anything getting in the way. And I am convinced that our species is going the way of the other dinosaurs, and fast.

I believe we are not fit to survive in the environment we are rapidly creating through our fixated behaviour, in the same way that the dinosaurs were not fit to survive the environment that, in their case, was rapidly created for them by asteroid strike or whatever it was that drastically altered the biosphere at that time.

Another way of looking at this is to say that we are too damn stupid as a species to create a cooperative society that generates proper respect for the biosphere as well as respect between individuals. The time to do this has long passed. If we were capable of establishing a non-me-first, non-greed focused global community where resources were both shared fairly and conserved for future use, we would have done it already. Let's face it, even the humble squirrel is wiser than us. For us, time has moved on, and we are now witnessing - in my analysis - the first knockings of the tall dark stranger at the door of our species, a.k.a. the grim reaper.

What am I surprised about in this post? That you say we are "technologically and socially clever" and "astonishingly resilient", and so you "doubt the planet will be entirely human-free two centuries from now."

There's almost a sense of hope in this statement. In all your other writings I've read, you've treated hope as a dirty word. Come on compadre, explain yourself! I would love to rediscover something akin to hope, but ...

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