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T E Cho

Humans will not become extinct. They are too versatile, eat almost anything, too adept at communicating long distances, too adept at migrating long distances.

Extinction means elimination of 99.9999999%+ of the 7billion on this planet. As the percentiles go up, more and more determined, rugged, (self sacrificing), (cooperative!), and adaptable people remain. We would be shocked to see just how capable the top .001% of human population are at surviving in adverse conditions. Past examples include prisoners in extreme conditions, wwII prison camp survivors of the Japanese or Nazis, some airplane crash survivors, etc.

There will always be plants somewhere to make oxygen. There will always be rainwater. There will always be something eating those plants. T there will always be caves.

Having said that, it does not mean that it would be a life worth living for 99+% , given a choice.

An Armageddon is coming. Perhaps the prophecies of simultaneous wars, starvation, disease epidemics and pestilences, which until recently seemed unimaginable, will be coming true soon. Almost everything that can go wrong will go wrong, semi-simultaneously. In at least this respect, knowing the prophecies is mind-expanding.

It is unbelievable how generally bad organized science, organized politics, organized religion and organized commerce has been ineffectual or detrimental. It is so much clearer now how things can go wrong, how Nazis could almost take over the world, how human selfishness and downright evil exists just below the surface of an unsustainable abundance created artificially.

The world needs better people before it needs better technology...

What would the world be like if only the top 10% or top 1% of altruistic, empathetic, cooperative, 'righteous' people were in it? It'd be very very different...

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