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Anywhere But Here Is Better

Hi Dave

I get the feeling that your usual visitors are scarce today, with that debacle in Denver. I'd like to dig up Charlton Heston and ask him how proud he feels about his underbelly patronage on behalf of the NRA and other apologists for the thuggishness of infantile primitives hiding behind a twisted interpretation of the Second Amendment.

No rhyme, no reason. Lovely way to run a species.

Regards, Oliver



A brutal culture begets violence, and our culture is brutal. We live in a country where greed and a relentless pressure for profit alienates and enrages people; a country where violence pervades every aspect of our lives, from the murder-farms that produce the meat in our burgers, to the movies we watch and music we listen to; a country where the standard political discourse makes people angry and more dangerous to each other.

And then we wonder why a fucker dresses in riot gear, goes to a crowded movie theater, and proceeds to open fire with an assault rifle, murdering 12 people, and injuring many others. We Americans live in a sick society on many levels, and we can't do much to change it.

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Ben - yes you're right. It seems there are too few of us who care about others to have any ameliorating effect on the way that this sick society works. To my mind, the fault lies deep in our make-up as a species, and it's not just a handful of nutcases I'm talking about.

When you take a long view of history as well as evolution, "we" just keep repeating the same dumb mistakes, using aggression and brute force as first options rather than last. I renounce this, and I would give anything to belong to a better species, which makes living in this degenerating world quite painful. So be it. All the few of us can do is catalogue it and do what we can on a practical level to help others in need.

By the way, here in the UK, we'd have the same incidence of lethal outbursts if loony-tunes could get hold of guns and ammunition as easily as in the US.

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