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So "Anywhere" what is the RIGHT way of reacting? Flailing arms doesn't seem to be very analogous to "doing more damge"? Responses seem to remain emotional, and lead to emotional fallacies and much of the crazy responses and headlines you see in the MSM. Getting into my car each day remains one of the statistically most dangerous things I do each day. Eating garbage food to excess and the risks of heart attacks/cancer is something people can attempt to mitigate. But living life to have knee jerk reactions to statistical anomalies, is like going around cowering b/c I may get hit by lightning. I don't see how you quickly morph from something somewhat relevant to the article about poverty/unfairness and shift to bullshit about gun sales. Changing your behavior or being armed/or disarmed is very unlikely to prevent anything like the CO incident. The good news is that although the media hypes these events like they happen all the time, they don't, people should worry about other things that have some realistic chance of happening and that your behavior can actually help to reduce/or eliminate risk. All the dems/rep's and their followers just continue to regurgitate their confirmation bias. I would hope people that read this site, would challenge their own biases, and not just respond with emotional garbage.

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