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Ah yes, once again we see the importance of promulgating the 'BS du jour' - your job depends on it.

We're in one ever-rising ocean of BS - from all principals and consumed by all principals, to the point where their self-honesty is nearly impossible. They can't tell if the BS consumed is a result of BS they themselves put out earlier and it simply has gradually found its way back, or if it originated elsewhere.

So we have a massive, near-infinite tangle of BS feedback loops, large and small, the level ever-rising, far above the head, so that its impossible to open one's mouth without consuming BS. Perhaps the exact same BS one put out a whle ago & coming back after passing thru other entities.

Constant mass communication, little isolation left, little chance to get away from those who are constantly telling you what to think and believe, even if you are trying to be 'objective'.

And then there's a few tiny islands floating just above it, for example one called DOTE ...


This may be off topic for todays post, but is interesting.

Unless one considers this as an overall market for truthfulness, in which case its on topic. Generators of biased 'facts' vs. consumers, and the ability of the generators to be more agile than the consumers. Generators just controlling the concentration of truth in their media to maintain their page-hits volume. But the consumers can always go elsewhere - eventually, but not fast enough?


((Dave, of course, please feel free to delete it ...))

Anywhere But Here Is Better

Dave - This brings to mind the first question that pops into my head whenever I hear a politician speak: "Is he a blatant liar or just incredibly stupid?"

It's always hard to decide whether these creatures are so removed from truth, they can sell their own grandmother for a profit without blinking, or they are so idiotic, they don't even realize they've arranged for someone to take grannie away ready for chopping up for dog food.

We have a perfect example on this side of the cesspool formerly known as the Atlantic. He is known in my environs as Tony B Liar. His conduct in the period leading up to the Iraq War was definitely in Liar versus Stupid territory. On either count, he merits arraignment.


Yes, the statistics are lies... But with China, I think it would be unsurprising if they had an economy 1.5x the size of the US economy, considering their population and what that would mean in terms of lifestyle. It would also fit the historic norm, where China and India were the largest countries by population and had the most economic activity. Currently there are still plenty of poor folks and rural folks in China that could be brought up to a somewhat better standard of living fairly easily.

The question is what the limits are, and whether China will have an economy 1.5x the size of the US economy because it grows tremendously or because the US economy shrinks tremendously. Despite China's many problems, it is nearly inevitable that it will one day catch up and surpass the US economically.

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