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The Rio+20 Earth Summit is a cosmetic-change-to-the-business-as-usual propaganda conference that gives global financial institutions--the same ones which perpetuate poverty and exacerbate inequality--a nice little face lift.

If tomorrow China and the US took massive unilateral action pursuing "the 90 most important environmental objectives agreed on through the U.N. process" I wouldn't be angry and cynical.

Andrew Kirk

But...but..what about our immortal souls?

chris in chicago

Why would our elected representatives care if the people they are suppose to represent dont care?

If people cant physically see the problem right in front of them most wont care.

Hence the low response to this topic today.


Since the Red Sox suck, I have expanded my allotted TV time to other subjects. I watched a program on a 'science' channel about asteroids or comets striking the earth. The premise was we need to devise systems to destroy or divert these large hard things if they are destined to hit the earth to 'save our species'. We must do this within 30 million years since the probability of such an event becomes likely by then. In other words, the human race will still be around in 30 million years or even 2.X billion years when the sun becomes a red giant and consumes us ALL.

So fret not. These climate change and resource limitation hypotheses are crazy. We will be around in 30 million years to defend ourselves from calamitous events from beyond out planet.

How can we expect serious discussion of issues when this 'science' is broadcast to the masses?



Yeah, it is difficult to even get the attention of our over entertained minds these days, let alone inform them. Many of the "science" and "history" channels have changed to entertaining programming, most likely to increase rating. Everything is about money and growth, they finally got the memo. We'll continue our parasitic behavior until we've sucked our host dry. If we still haven't figured it out by then...well there will be nothing nothing left to turn on but ourselves. That will be very ugly.

Mike Roberts

'Twas ever thus. Humans just don't have the capability to learn from their mistakes. Mistakes that stretch back hundreds of thousands of years.

Future civilisations (of whatever species) will have it easy, finding rich veins of resources where our cities used to be.


"Gains have come in eliminating ozone-depleting substances, phasing out lead in gasoline, increasing access to water supplies and encouraging research into marine pollutants." - so, no gains at all then, really. In fact, one of those gains, namely increasing access to water, simply exacerbates the problem. Why is that even considered a gain? Clueless!

Irregardless (I love that word), when has a parasite ever altered it's genetically encoded behaviour patterns just because the host is feeling poorly?

Enjoy the ride kids.

Alexander Ač

Anthony Barnosky, Berkeley paleoecologist, still thinks we are rational problem solvers... so we can avoid tipping points, as he identified them based on scientific literature review, see the video in the link:




For a different, irreverent, darkly comic, take on the Earth Summit, take a look at MAKING A KILLING, recently republished to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, then billed as the… err… 'meeting to end all meetings'. The whole cast of characters is there, from elephant-hunting royalty to corporate chieftains on the green make; governments pandering to big business; conservation bigwigs preaching the cause of protecting wildlife by hunting, skinning and trading it. You can read more about it here: http://www.iridescent-publishing.com

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