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I've found that it's impossible to speak about decline in this country. Although, I have had varying degrees of success in Israel, but this shithole is incapable of sophisticated or honest social discourse. Here is an example which features Morris Berman:

Why America Failed - The Roots of Imperial Decline (Morris Berman Interview) http://youtu.be/k6MBzA9lGSQ

Cenk Uygur and Ben Mankiewicz are progressives. They are liberals; they are highly educated; they are the intellectual stewards of the new American Restoration, right? Those two goofs couldn't comprehend a word Berman spoke. Berman was incomprehensible to them. More worryingly the concept of an America in terminal decline was beyond the scope of their consciousness.

How can one solve a problem they cannot comprehend? The answer: one cannot.

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