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Anywhere But Here Is Better

Dave, apropos telling the truth, we've got to come to the conclusion that you can't save a drowning man from a river if he has no inkling of an understanding of the sanctuary of dry land. Even if you haul him to the bank and get his head above the water line, when you look away he's likely to get right back in the river - where he feels the comfortable sameness and numbness of the slow drowning he has experienced since birth.

Western culture (sadly we in Europe are equally enmeshed in the decline) in the form of rampant unregulated capitalism - the laughingly termed free market - is based on lords and serfs. The flirtation with quasi-democracy is over, the Renaissance has been snuffed out and we are back in the Dark Ages with few people permitted the capacity or opportunity to become aware of the issues you cover, let alone rise up in any organised way to fight back against the self-appointed greed-meisters.

You're not alone but it must feel like it. I for one am grateful for your signposting and analysis. If we are to slide into the lowest depths as the last airlock on the ship bubbles away, I'll be waving to you with a grin and playing an imaginary banjo. Because WE KNEW. We weren't fooled, we weren't sheep, we were rare Homo sapiens with a higher functioning brain. We knew what was going on.


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