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Couldn't agree more. Each year I cross British Columbia and see the devastation first hand. Last information is 33 million acres detroyed. Road side information state the infestation is directly caused by climate change. Info states the warmer winters are allowing a 80% larvae survival rate instead of the cold winter 15% or so. My figures may be slightly off but are close. There's a five yr window to use the wood for construction.

I attended my first climate change lecture in 1982 so been watching this a long time. Lived in Alaska many yrs where the changes are greater. I could rattle on about the facts but not much use. I gave up on trying to convince people some time ago. I think the human race is done or nearly so and, frankly, I think it's a good thing. I believe we are a stupid animal but clever. Fifteen yrs of youthful drunkeness convinced me of it, at least, in my case. Intelligence, education, whatever appears to have no impact on the fact. In fact, I think our intelligence is our downfall. It allows us to create elaborate rationalizations, in complete denial of reality, and believe them to our death.

I hope you keep writing. It gives an pessimistic old coot like me support. I read you every day and am thankful you're there.

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