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I was watching some economist on TV talk about the time he was invited by Sarah Palin to explain about the debt to the Tea Party. So he carefully explained to them how we incurred the debt and what needed to be done.

After his talk, he overheard the Tea Party leaders giving instructions to their followers that, if elected, they should cut taxes and slash spending. The economist said, "Hold on, if you do that, the country will be in a depression."

The Tea Party leaders replied: "So what?"

If that doesn't show how moronic Americans are, I don't know what does.


@ sharonsj

The pinnacle of American stupidity is an article, published in Foreign Policy, written by Bruce Jones and Thomas Wright titled Meet the GUTS. According to Jones and Wright the west isn't declining, rather, contrary to all evidence, Jones and Wright claim four western powers are enjoying an renaissance -- Germany, South Korea, Turkey, and the United States. The details of their article are not important. The fact those two believe that Turkey and South Korea are two of four powers which constitute a rising west is enough to conclude they are the standard by which stupidity should be measured.


Who can believe a solution that destroys the source of ones own wealth, power and status? For all of our tremendous strides in technology, mathematics and the hard sciences; our human natures have not changed. We are still moved by the same oratory, driven by the same desires, still easily deceived, and most often by ourselves. It does not matter if we remember the lessons of history or not, we are doomed to repeat them, because we are what we are. Enemies are far more useful than solutions for those desiring status, power, and control. God help us when men truly master the social sciences.

Anywhere But Here Is Better


Have you seen the movie Dark Star? It's a hoot and offers a perfect analogy of what's coming for our dear species. I won't spoil it for anyone inclined to hunt it down in a dusty corner of a back-street video rental store, but the ending chimes with your 'comic relief' aside in your last posting.


++++ for Dark Star
"I do not like the men on this spaceship" - Pinback
"Teach it phenomenology" - Captain
"Let there be light" - the bomb
The End - Of Dark Star

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