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John Frum

Space Age Cargo Cult bullshit.

"The cults that won Cargoist adherents among the citizens of advanced nations were not always obviously religious. The Type II belief held that great technological breakthroughs would inevitably occur in the near future, and would enable man to continue indefinitely expanding the world's human carrying capacity."

an excerpt from "Overshoot", by William R. Catton Jr., pages 187, University of Illinois Press, 1980.


Problem is that population will boom to consume any and all gains that technology may bring and we simply end up back here again.
That's assuming we get to see these miraculous new technologies, of course.


I'm not watching the fucking video. Each word and sentence describing Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler made me progressively angry. Here is a thought, rather than publishing a delusive book forwarding nonviable solutions to Malthusian shortage, educate the 7 billion or so people about what they face, and how they can adjust on a personal scale. That would do more good than any fucking techno-opto-asshole solutions which obfuscate the misery REAL people are going to face in the future.

I apologize for the profanity Dave, I just can't stand techno-opto-assholes or their techno-opto-asshole solutions.

Dave Cohen


I know how you feel, Ben, but that video is very entertaining if you can develop a sense of humor about delusional optimists like Peter Diamandis. I think of people like him as mentally ill in a very particular sense, and of course they are very successful in the world as a result.

But I understand your anger. You are much younger than I am, and consequently you are going to "enjoy" the wonderful world of the future much longer than I will.

-- Dave


Techno fixes, techno fixes, can kicking extraordinaire, never learn to solve a problem's roots, just its symptoms and results! Water so polluted you can't drink it? Don't learn to not pollute it, just magic the toxins away away away. Don't learn to live with limits, and become an intelligent and responsible person, nope, expect the world on a silver platter and demand nothing less, just like a spoiled toddler.
People like that make me want bash in my own head with a hammer.


i only could whatch into 57 seconds of the video

so sad to see those kids repeat the nonesense adults told them to repeat - that makes me feel really realy sad about those who are brought into this world only to suffer and die

and those "techno-optimists" who are completely delusional only do harm with their prizes and religion of "cheerfulness"

too bad most of the population will never get the chanced to understand life and human condition - if they could we would not be in the predicament we are


The video is absolutely hilarious. I had a really good laugh, it cheered me up tremendously. Thanks for sharing Dave. The unbridled optimism reminds me of tv ads from the 1950's promising a brave new world of home appliances.

If any humans are left after we suffer the full consequences of hitting the limits on growth and environmental destruction, they will have a much different relationship with the natural world than we do. They will see nature as an extension of their own bodies, not something that can be used and discarded while we build spaceships to terraform and colonise Mars (lol). Societies have an organic life cycle just like individual organisms. I see all this techno-optimism as an inevitable (and futile) expression of our desire to prolong the life of our civilization and our dysfunctional relationship with the earth. No need to get upset by these things.

John D

I made it through the entire video without vomiting. Does that put me in the running for the DOTE X prize?

Really, how about an X prize for the people that can correctly spell out all the downstream problems that these 'solutions' will cause.

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