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I, along with my partner, opted to take on low-paid, part-time work 3 years ago after accepting voluntary redundancy from Her Majesty's Land Registry a year prior. (That was after a 2 or 3 years of a lack of work at HMLR due to a lack of house sales in the UK).
We have no kids and do not intend to have any.
We now use our spare time to gain new skills in joinery, horticulture and so on, walk the dog, grow food, anything we want to do really.
Our main financial concern, initially, was how to live on the low wages.
At first it was difficult and we had to do without things (Sky TV, eating out, etc). Now we don't miss any of those things one bit and we are amazed at how much money we used to waste.

The lesson is not how to get more money but how to learn to live with what we have. We don't need all that much to be honest.

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