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i trully believe that even the scariest "doom and gloom" predictions cannot be called "alarmist" anymore

there always be people who will personally benefit from denial of obvious to anyone who has even a grain of reason (that is knows basic math and is not delluded by ideology of any particular belief-system - i know a rare find :))

even in theory the chage from denial into dealing with the problem will not begin to manifest until the ecosystem collapse and most of humans die out from extreme weather events, hunger, war over resources and desease

this is a certainty - the fact that in science we cannot use such language does not change anything - yes it ain't over till it over - but for all practical purposes the probability of averting the complete collapse of ecosystem and fossil fuel civilization may be called "non-existent"

thanks to dave we have a steady supply of evidence to corroborate the non-existance of that probability

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