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T E Cho

Yes, and don't forget the 2.7 trillion tons of carbon in the worlds topsoil! Why we could use that to keep things going even longer. SURE, FARMERS COULD RUN THEIR TRACTORS ON TOPSOIL to feed the world. And the US And Canada have loads of topsoil, we're topsoil rich! And people could sell their topsoil mineral rights, creating new speculative markets!

It's amazing how people will be believing in anything that supports their ideology... Perhaps it's a zero sum thing, society gets smarter in some areas but it's always offset in others.


You're not alone. I see the same craziness. On the other hand, maybe it just means there are two nutcases wandering around but I don't think so.


When the whole world is insane, what does that leave the sane?

John Andersen

I think there are more sane people than are immediately apparent through participation on the internet and other public forums.

Each day when I look, and have time, it's my pleasure to meet people who see the big picture, and structure their lives accordingly.

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