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For anyone wanting further education/understanding:
From Bernays...
To Luntz...
Well worth each and every fraction of a second.

"The slogans are replaced, bye-the-bye"

Hey, Dave...Could I have some remedy?


How do you manage to get out of bed in the morning Dave? God knows I barely can...

Bill Hicks

So, Hopey-Changey now has his own version of "Triumph of the Will."

Add Tom Hanks to the ever growing list of prominent Obamabots in the entertainment world whom I've now lost all respect for. Maybe they could have had a segment of Bill Maher cracking anti-Republican jokes while they were at it. I don't care who it's for, agreeing to narrate a campaign propaganda video or donating a million bucks to a candidate's SuperPac pretty much makes everything you say after that suspect and not to be trusted.


A president using propaganda in a bid to be reelected? GASP! Who would have thought?


Great post, Dave. Long time reader here. Thanks for the work you put into your blog.

Neil Stephens

Yeah. Really stunning. Tour de force blog post.

Love when you claim that there were no problems in 2008 that haven't been improved upon by 2012. That's the kind of reality-reflective thinking that Republicans will need to campaign on this year.

Do you ever worry, however, that actual voters might remember the auto industry's collapse in 2009 that Obama prevented, or dismantling Al Qaeda, or that their health insurers can no longer raise the premiums by double digit margins for no reason?

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