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Lew Stewell

I'm outraged that young people are allowed to get into college before learning how to speak w/o sounding like a fucking squeak toy. I used to get outraged at all of it. From the CIA running drugs to illegal covert ops to blah blah blah. I got tired to being labeled a 'conspiracy theorist' or, more recently, a doomer. I'm done with being outraged. I'm done with trying to wake people up. I've got a close group of friends who 'get it', and we're working to help each other and those in our community who need it. I feel bad for young people who got hoodwinked into the kolledge edamacation scam. BUT ITS NOT LIKE WE DIDN"T SEE THE SHIT COMING SINCE THE 1970s AND BEFORE. Punk Rock/DIY culture, the Green/Enviro movement et. al. (hell, for that matter, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, et. al. had is sorted in the 50's [and Woodie Guthrie in the 30's]) To all you stupid sub-urban sheep, wake the fuck up ! It is time for System-D.

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