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Ben formerly had the pretentious cocksucker sn Honesty

Buck up Dave, Lehman Brothers is emerging from bankruptcy protection, another sign of recovery, right?


Plenty of people my age, plenty, almost entirely get their "news" from this channel. The typical feeling I seem to get from them is Republicans are stupid for x, y, z, and thus we, the opposing Democrats, are smart, and all other good adjectives attached to it. Moral, etc.

My sister, her boyfriend, almost any of my friends who are political, and any number of my girlfriend's friends/family are all giddy about, basically, being able to point and laugh at Republicans to make themselves feel smart about being Democrats.

When I point out the indifferences between the two and the failings of their promises of hope and change, their hope just keeps springing eternal.

Bill Hicks

I used to think Stewart was funny, before the Rally to Encourage People to Do Nothing. Haven't watched him since. Likewise, I used to think Bill Maher was funny, but now he's gone and donated a million bucks to Obama's SuperPac.

What makes it even more maddening is these guys are smart enough to know better, but their perquisites apparently mean more to them than the truth.

John Andersen

"Official reality" is for people who have something to lose if true reality is allowed to be acknowledged and heeded.

The masses opt for official reality mostly out of fear. After decades of faking it, that's perhaps all they know.

True, they become hollow shells of the humans they might have become, but as long as the flat screen, beer and pizza are in abundance, they ain't gonna be rockin' the boat.

Doug Guillory

It is funny. I wish they did give equal time to showing how bad the Dems are also. He is a comedian, not a journalist. How long would his show last if he told the truth? That's what blogs are for. Thank you.


All of those TV talking heads are annoying whether they are on the left or the right. I don't know why anybody watches that crap. Or cares about their blather (Dave?).

I get my news off the internet.
I watch TV for entertainment. Mob Wives and Antique Roadshow.


I admit I do like watching Jon Stewart shouting that the emperor has no clothes, even if he doesn't realize that they're *all* buck naked ... and scheming to steal *our* clothes, as soon as they figure out how to succeed without getting guillotined for it.


The majority of people by far still seem to be ignorant of the fact that the lamestream media is corporate controlled. That includes the 'special' pundits like maher, stewart, colbert... Hey! I can't think of a single right-wing comedian on tv. Guess the libtards beat the repubtards in the liberal arts. Who'd a thunk it?
Here's the big lie: There are two teams for any issue: Red vs Blue. Democorps vs Republicorps, there aren't multiple views, just two, and you need to pick your side, turn off your mind, and leave issues to the "pros".
Just in case you start to get too interested in thinking for yourself, the "pros" (or should I say cons?) confuse the issue, to entice you to give up on understanding it. Time is on their side you know, they do this for a living, sucking off the taxpayer's tit so they can focus full-time on their next step, meanwhile you return to work if you have a job, or return to searching for work, you return to your kids homework, return to survival, whatever, you return while they introduce yet another issue to keep you off balance.
Time to put your head down, and focus your energy on obtaining what you need for your life boat, because this ship is going down.

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