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A trenchant post, Dave, and a valuable one. Well done.


Long ago, I realized it's all about population in the end. Far too many humans totally dependent on a very limited planet. Of course, we're gobbling up the resources. When the resources are gone or simply too expensive, so goes the humans. Happens to every animal that out runs it's resource base. I know, I know, we have a self created god that will save our heavenly souls.

All the rest of what I, typically, read is wishful thinking and idle "over coffee" chatter. So as I wander and listen to women and the proud daddy (if he's around) gleefully chatter about having a kid, I think if you only knew what you're child is going to experience. In the end, the human animal is a rather stupid, self destructive beast who spends all it's time talking about how wonderful it is. But then I'm way too negative for most folks to even want to talk to. Meanwhile, the quiet voice in the back of my head is saying, "what if you're right".


I wonder if in a million years, some alien archaeologists will come down to earth and wonder what happened to us. Wonder how an "intelligent" species managed to completely screw itself. They'll hypothesize and debate it in their alien universities and and display our bones and some of our inventions in their museums, and the little alien children will ask,
"Glarzyx(mommy), what happened to the humans?"
"Well, Zybbuk(Susie), the holographic plaque says that apparently they were not intelligent enough to survive. And that despite overwhelming evidence that their actions were destructive to the biosphere they depended on to survive, they just kept doing them, at the urging of something called 'economists' and then they starved and waged war to extinction."


Thanks for this, I missed this one. One by one, the environmentalists realize that "climate change" is a message co-opted by the industrial global economy. If we deny the real problems, we can keep the party going for just . . . one . . . more . . . year by invoking feel good market solutions such as carbon credits and more nuke plants, with science just as committed to the flywheel economy as everyone else. For instance, here's Princeton's solution to our quandary:

Double fuel efficiency of 2 billion cars from 30 to 60 mpg.
Decrease the number of car miles traveled by half.
Use best efficiency practices in all residential and commercial buildings.
Produce current coal-based electricity with twice todays efficiency.
Increase wind electricity capacity by 10 times relative to today, total = 2 million large windmills.
Replace 1400 coal electric plants with natural gas-powered facilities.
Install 100 times the current capacity of solar electricity.
Use 40,000 square kilometers of solar panels (or 4 million windmills) to produce hydrogen cells
Capture AND store emissions from 800 coal electric plants.
Produce hydrogen from coal at six times today's rate AND store the captured CO2.
Capture carbon from 180 coal-to-synfuels plants AND store the CO2
Increase ethanol production 12 times by creating biomass plantations = 1/6th world cropland
Add double the current global nuclear capacity to replace coal-based electricity.
Eliminate tropical deforestation.
Adopt conservation tillage in all agricultural soils worldwide.. http://cmi.princeton.edu/

We can’t have our planet and capitalize on it too. More is not better. Our science has lost its way, just as co-opted by the industrial machine as every other sector of the economy?

“A man with a machine and inadequate culture is a pestilence.” ― Wendell Berry


Rick Santorum has said Obama has a theology that puts the earth above man. He speaks of the climate change hoax. This is a christian man living a theology 2000 years old. Go forth and multiply. We did that very well.

Politics and money will prevent any significant change until there is no other option. You have said that many times.

John D

Some thoughts, perhaps not all connected:
I have always felt that if mankind developed a cheap, inifite, non-polluting source of energy we would still kill ourselves off just as fast as with our current energy situation, just in a different way.

In SW Virginia where I live, they push wind turbines in order to 'save the local mountains from strip mining'. Guess what, we mine just as much if not more, the coal is just getting exported to the Far East.

After listening to Rick Santorum talk about Man's dominion over the Earth, I may decide not to follow your advice and instead vote for president if this idiot is on the ballot.

Dave Cohen

@John D

If Rick Santorum is the alternative, I will recommend voting for Barack Obama. Every rule has its exceptions.

The lesser of two evils is one thing. Actual Evil is entirely another.

-- Dave


There is a reason that some people like to call Santorum the littlest Hitler, Dave.

Dave Cohen

Well, this should not become a Rick Santorum thread.

Let's leave that to another time. Mea culpa

-- Dave

Mike Roberts

Brilliant! This is exactly the kind of thinking that pervades my waking hours.

Paul Kingsnorth is one of the founders of the Dark Mountain Project:


I haven't really gotten into that yet but, after this post, I might revisit it.

step back

@Wanooski, well said
"Economic efficiency" is human kind's obsessive-compulsive religion on this Easter Planet just as much as Moai Head production efficiency was part of the OCD religious predilection of the Rapa Nui of Easter Island. The effects of the "efficiency"-driven thought process on the eco-sphere are not part of the "accounting" system in either case. Trees don't count in the bottom line. The only thing that counts is production of Moai Heads in one case and of Money (Dead President Heads) in the other.

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