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I agree that fusion was too short-lived. When I think about it, part of that may be that fusion was often more structured (Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra) and at the same time Free Jazz was still at work, so there developed an odd split between electric and acoustic... Though Miles defied both of these things, with some of his freest music being fusion.

Perhaps one of the greatest little-known tragedies in music history is that Gil Evans planned to meet Jimi Hendrix and hoped to create an album with him. Such a collaboration may have opened up a third way... Then again, it may have been so-so.

There are still people playing on the margins between rock and jazz. Medeski, Martin and Wood have been working in that space for a while and made a few albums with John Scofield. I think it's pretty good, but not earth-shattering by any means. Jazz historically has been dominated by big artists but they seem to have faded from the scene, leaving room for a lot of very good work by many good artists but no new revelations.

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