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Bill Hicks

"Given who we are in America, which is without question the Greatest Country on Earth, could it really be any other way?

"I think not."

Those two sentences are all you really need to read to know that Orszag is completely full of shit. Gee, hubris much? It is that kind of thinking that has repeatedly brought down empires throughout world history.


I wonder how far up your ass your head has to be in order to actually start thinking that way. I'd say pretty far.


I live in a fracking area and we've heard rumors that after the gas is extracted they'll start looking for oil in the same way. However, the estimated gas to be extracted is only supposed to last perhaps a dozen years. So why wouldn't the oil also last a short period of time too? Or are these pundits ignoring facts as usual?


What's that Ghandi quote? Something like "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". This will be the manisfestation of stage 3 in the mainstream I guess.

(To the extent that peak oil can be said to be a win for anybody).

John D

If its any consolation, I read through the comment section after the Bloomberg article, and Orzag got slammed pretty good by the readers. I don't think he fooled many people.


Peter Orszag is a monkey. As low-energy-cost conventional oil has been replaced by high-energy-cost non-conventional oil, a greater fraction of the energy produced is consumed by the energy production process itself. The stupid fuck doesn't understand that there is an increase in energy required to produce energy itself - SINK ANYONE?

Mister Roboto

"Could this country and its ruling elites become any more foolish and ridiculous? Seriously, is that possible? I don't think so."

I honestly believe that "Peak Ridiculousness" is a few years off yet and fully expect to be vindicated in this belief in very short order. :-)

C. Paul Davis

Peter Orszag and Daniel Yergin are singing (lying?) from the same song book. "Unconventional oil is going to make the US a bigger and better producer of oil than Saudi Arabia. Our oil energy problems are over".

They somehow this gentleman hasn't found time to mention Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI, the per barrel cost of producing oil from fracking and oil sands, pollution, destruction of the environment, poising of water, harm to mother nature and all of its living creatures.

I would love to know that oil sands and fracking will solve all of our energy problems for centuries to come. Unfortunately I have learned that is something sounds to good to be true, it probably isn't true.

I have been studying and writing about Peak Oil for over six years and I have found no credible data to support that Peak Oil is a myth. Like the above that was stated, "We will only see Peak Oil in the rear view mirror".

Oil energy will continue to be the greatest challenge of the 21st Century. Nothing else compares.



This guy is an idiot, with obviously no understanding of what Peak Oil really is. All the 'unconventional oil' discovered to date is horrendously more expensive to find and scale up, and not producing in anywhere near sufficient quantity to even offset more than a small fraction of the decline of conventional oil. At best, it's delayed the post-peak decline (kept us on the 'bumpy plateau') a bit, not solved anything.

Max Rockastansky

Kunstlercast this week deals with the topic very well.


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