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I know I'm up shit creek, and for now I'm not going to school so I don't drive up my debt. But none of my friends seem to get it, they still keep plugging along assuming that things are going to get better. How? They don't know, they just assume.


And when they do wake up, watch out, Baby Boomers...


21 year old full time student here Dave -- no debt, thankfully my parents provide more than enough money for tuition.

"Despite their gloomy circumstances, Pew found, the group remains eternally optimistic."

I talk to my roommate about how fucked we are all the time, he thinks we're only fucked in the short term, although, I keep referring him to this blog and others which make it clear we're fucked - period.


Speaking as one of the generation caught in the middle (after the Boomers have moved through the land like locusts but before the Millennials have staked their claim), I find myself hoping that I can find just a small corner someplace out of the way where I can stay warm and fed while those two rip each other apart.

I'm part of the generation that was promised flying cars ... if we weren't killed by Soviet missiles. By the time I got into the work world, the Soviets were gone but so was the dream of flying cars. We had all the stress of possible nuclear armageddon without any of the "good life". By the time I was old enough for free love, AIDS made it lethal. By the time I was old enough for a cool car, they all looked the same. By the time I was old enough to look for a house, the prices just kept going insanely up (although I was, at least, wise enough not to buy in the bubble).

The Millennials have one advantage I didn't. They can see how bad things are going to get if their eyes are open. I grew up expecting the same life as my parents, pre-Internet, when there weren't any voices telling us it couldn't last. I don't envy them their road ... but at least they can see where it leads if they look.


I agree in general, Dave, but people have different circumstances. The future always belongs to healthy young people. The future never belongs to decrepit old people. That's just the way it is, and the way it always will be.

The people in the worst shape are self absorbed, obese boomers who lived high on the hog, never saved money, and now find themselves broke and with hospital bills. They are the ones on the wrong side of history, having to go through the end of life and all of its various sufferings and humiliations, even while the society around them is collapsing.

They are mistaken if they think young people will support them forever.


I was born in a third world nation in the midst of war. Our ancestral land and accumulated savings were taken by the Communists. Food was in scarce supply, and I spent months in a refugee camp where my meals consisted of two eggs a day. When I was four, I got malaria. When I came to the United States, my mother saved to buy up a sewing machine so she could make clothes, which my sisters also made to support the family. My father saved to buy a car so he could become a taxi driver. Every person accessing the Internet possesses an incredible tool capable of producing easy wealth, the modern personal computer. Half of the world's top 1% of income earners, making $34,000 a year and more reside in the USA, whose consumer spending is ripe for the entrepreneur's taking. The Millennials are right, this is the land of opportunity. If you can't find a job, stop whining and go bloody create one already. You are surrounded by a nation of hundreds of millions of people with disposable income.

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