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Many of these problems are on a par with each other, so it's hard to pick the worst.

We are close to being a fascist country, with indefinite detention for "terrorists." Did you know that animal rights activists and environmentalist are being classified as terrorists? So I think the Occupiers are probably next.

We have no energy program for renewable energy. Instead we just gave $6 billion to the same lying, fraudulent company that built the Fukishima nuclear facility so they can build a bunch of untrustworthy nuclear plants here. Have you seen a word of this in the regular news? No.

The jobless numbers are a scam. At the same time they claim 200,000 new jobs were created, 50,000 people gave up looking. We need at least 125,000 new jobs every month just to keep even with population growth. So that means only 25,000 jobs can be filled by the previously unemployed--and do they bother to explain where those new jobs are? One of the claims is that the jobs created are in the retail sector. We know that temporary people are hired for the holidays and then fired.

You don't need to be a psychic to know we remain screwed.


Dave said: "So which disaster is most worth of our attention? I'll leave it for you to decide."

These three problems you listed are interwoven with each other. Less energy inputs into the economy means less jobs which means more social unrest and, thus a tightening of the authoritarian ratchets by way of an ever-expanding security state. So to pick the root of the problem from which the others spring forth, we must name peak oil or peak net energy.

But the above problems are actually symptoms of a deeper problem - that of Capitalism's inherent need for continual growth.

Brian M

I'll take a crack at it...

Peak oil, of course, is not real and, therefore, can't be a problem at all. Just ask all the talking heads about the Bakkens or how we are now a "petroleum exporter". ;-)

That leaves the economy vs. freedom. As you have pointed out, in America, it ALWAYS about the money/economy. Everything else is irrelevant.

So, simple, Job Lies are the most important story. Everything else doesn't matter.... until it does, of course.


I first read Orwell's '1984' in 1984 when I was 14 years old. I thought then it was a nightmarish vision of a future that couldn't really come about, except in the Soviet Union perhaps.
I am now re-reading it and am absolutely gobsmacked by it.


All these problems are equally dismal in their own way ,but the greatest problem of all is apathy. No-one cares !

Increasingly I feel like I and the tiny band of people who frequent sites like these are like the small group of survivors resisting alien invasion in the 1978 film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers ".

The vast majority of the Human Race has been silently replaced by unthinking uncaring conforming duplicates. The only seeming options are to give in to despair and join the vast unfeeling mass of Humanity , abandoning your soul at the door, or carry on in near isolation, becoming increasingly confused, angry and desperate.

I think it takes real strength of character to know what we know and carry on in the face of society's mad descent, holding on desperately to the few and dwindling number of things that give comfort. Sites like these which at least show those who seriously question Humanity's path are not alone are invaluable.

step back

I was going to say the same thing: George Orwell's book "1984".

It probably started becoming our reality in 1974, just around the time the music died (the time that oil production peaked in the USA --bye bye Miss America pie)


I can't believe I've come upon a site where I agree with 100% of the comments-- might have to do with the filter involved, but....

The elephant in the room is global climate change, being caused by the burning of fossil fuels, cutting down trees, melting permafrost, etc, etc, but it is nebulous and off in the future somewhere while we try to deal with the three problems above.

Loss of individual rights might tie into the military's preparations for their perceived worldwide disasters relating to that problem (climate). (I don't know how the military is couching this, just that they are very concerned and seem to be the only branch of government taking it seriously)
Loss of jobs could be alleviated by focusing on that problem and that in turn might solve the oil conundrum by seeking/finding solutions to our ever-insatiable need/desire for power/energy. (just thinking about the latest scare, the EMP, made me realize-- why now, why not long, long ago-- that if the electronic devices were rendered inoperable, we would indeed be in a great deal of hurt-- we really need functional energy)

But it wouldn't solve the security v rights issue, unless we were successful and everyone was happy, and even then we might have to elect a Ron Paul to reverse said legislation.
And then elect someone else to correct anything he might screw up.

And I especially agree with Mike that as the madness seems unstoppable, sites like these are invaluable.

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