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Alexander Carpenter

Dave, it's important to look at the net energy of all that "tight oil" production, whether or not the actual numbers are a fantasy. Since the oil is "tight" (meaning difficult and expensive to produce in terms of both money and energy) it will return less net energy than the oils we have been accustomed to using and figuring on. That means that when 100 barrels of oil (and other liquids) take 40 barrels-worth of energy to produce, that 100 barrels is really just 60. This is a huge difference from when that 100 barrels used 10 barrels-worth of energy in its production.

The Big Lie and the rosy forecasts for production are premised on people not understanding this, and are even less credible therefore. As are the projections for consumption and all the other props of the extend-and-pretend generation — hand-waving and whistling Dixie as we walk past the graveyard wherein the myths of American governance and the cult of growth are interred.

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