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Thank you for continuing to shine light on Garrett's work. I read a lot in my quest for understanding and I think Tim Garrett's work is the most important and profound I have encountered. It continues to surprise me how little recognition his work has received, given that it explains "everything".

There seems to be a link between Steve Keen's credit impulse and Garrett's energy consumption acceleration. Both are apparently required for growth. I consider debt to be a claim on future physical resources we expect/hope will be produced. Perhaps debt is more accurately linked to something to do with energy flows. I encourage you to tackle this topic if you are so inclined.

Another topic that would be interesting to explore is what would happen if we succeeded by some magic to change human behavior to desire to consume less stuff. I agree with you that this will never happen, but if it did, could we avoid a die off? I ask because I sometimes wonder if leaders who refuse to take action against climate change have an intuition that to do so would collapse our civilization. Perhaps these leaders are actually doing the right thing without understanding the math and physics behind their decisions?

Finally, check out Eric Smith's work on Inevitable Life for hints that, given our planet's stores of fossil energy, our predicament is highly probable and aligned with the "expectations" of the universe.

Maybe overshoot is inevitable. Maybe there is no solution to overshoot, only a choice between pain now or more pain later.

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