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Great article today. I argue often with my 'liberal' friend who spends his days watching the line-up of Maddow etc each and every day. I consider him a more polite, more open minded version of some of my friends who somehow became Beck-ites. Ultimately, both of them occasionally seem to gleam a nugget of truth, but quickly revert back to Red vs. Blue. They both are quick to point out what they don't like about R. Paul for example, despite his stances being more in line with civil liberties/anti-war mongering--at least compared to the modern democrats. I can't imagine ever agreeing with any political candidate much, most are either in "the club" as the late great G. Carlin mentioned, or in politics to get into that club. Life is complex at times, and too much of what is deemed explanations are merely slogans. The invisible hand of the free market for many Rep's, or rationales for foreign wars for many Dems, or some sort of utopian fascism, top down control oriented garbage. Personality research shows consistently about 30%+ of people fall into the authoritarian personality category--I think we see them in both the Rep's/Dem party...and their aren't enough Bernie Sanders or Ron Paul's or Alan Grayson's to shake up the status quo. It's amazing to me that people still argue much about the US Titanic, as it takes on water, not sure if there are lifeboats or not--but I can't imagine listening to the band replay the same old song as the icy waters continue to take out more and more of us each week. Happy 2012!

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