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The chief central bankster's job is to serve the owners of the largest Fed member banks and their creditors, the top 0.1-04% of households, and to pretend to give a crap about the so-called Fed mandate of "stable inflation" (LOL!!!) and "full employment". Were the prole masses to understand actually how the Fed operates and for whom and at the expense of whom, there would be open insurrection, the guillotine blades would be dropping, and the White House, Capitol, and Fed would be ablaze.

The rentier-oligarchs have effectively captured a generation's worth of after-tax, real labor product and production via compounding interest and capital gains in perpetuity. The compounding interest obligation to avg. term of US total credit market debt owed is larger than the money supply and approaching the level of US GDP. There can be no growth of economic activity hereafter under such conditions.

Total gov't spending, including personal transfers, now totals an equivalent of private wages. Private wages cannot support a gov't that is larger than wages needed for labor to subsist.

So-called "health care" spending (public and private) is equivalent to ~45% of private wages and ~38% of all wages (the cost to households, firms, and gov't for "health care"). "Health care" is totally financialized by way of the insurance industry. "Health care" exists not to prevent illness and ensure health but to promote unsustainable financial profits for insurers, Wall St., and the ancillary sectors. The so-called "health care reform" and Medicare drug supplemental benefit was nothing more than mandated profits for insurers, hospitals, physicians, and drug and biomedical companies which the society cannot afford.

At the trend rates of GDP and "health care" spending since the late '90s, public and private "health care" spending will be equivalent to 100% of GDP by the mid- to late '30s.

Based on historical valuation metrics, including avg. P/E and peak earnings trend, Aaa and Baa yields, the dividend yield, Q ratio, market cap/GDP, and the implied equity risk premium, the US stock market is at a level of overvaluation surpassed only three times in history: 1929, 2000, and 2007. Yet, it is now the explicit objective of the Bernanke Fed to keep equity prices in a perpetually overvalued state to forestall or prevent the repricing (deflation) of the corporate debt dependent upon the overvalued equities.

Wages to GDP per capita are at the lowest on record going back to 1939.

Corporate profits after tax to GDP are at or near record highs going back to 1929.

Private full-time employment per capita is back to the level of the late '80s and early '90s.

Male full-time private employment per capita is back to the levels of the 1940s-50s.

The top 1-10% of US household receive nearly half of all US income and own 85% of all financial wealth. The top 10% own more than $41 trillion in financial assets (nearly 3 times GDP), an amount that is more than 6 times US public and private wages and almost 40 times the annual payout of Social Security and Medicare (funded by a 15% tax on labor).

Wealth and income concentration rivals that of the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. The US Gini Index (measure of inequality) is right up there with Russia, China, and African and South American dictatorships of the present and past.

No one cares about any of this while we are still conditioned to care more about Lindsay's alcohol habit, the size and contour of Kim's derriere this week, and where to line up with our credit cards to buy the next new, newer, newest i-thingy soon to be released in a new, newer, newest version every 91 picoseconds.

There can be no mistaking: we as a species (or the particular western sub-species) are collectively insane. To be sane amongst the insane is to be perceived as delusional, dysfunctional, and needing to be "cured" of one's sanity (as Jung proposed).

Now it's just a matter of time to know what it is we have in store for each other that we deserve.

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