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The big banks have indeed chosen their man.

I wonder how far off a "game over" event is?

Charles Monroe

Maybe the used toothpaste tube that is Barry O is empty and served its purpose. TPTB have been able to use him as 'left-cover' to ram thru all their legislation with the NDAA being the coup de grace to anyone who could form an organized opposition to the corporate/fascist state.
Keep in mind that they know about Peak Oil and resource depletion. They also know that the infinite-growth model is done. The smart move is to consolidate power and control with harsh authoritarian rule on a feckless population.


Wall Street Still Gives More to Obama Than to Republicans was an article that appeared in New York Magazine this past October.

Regardless of whom is bestowed the most of the financial sector's largess, the bottom line is these institutions have hedged their bets on both shit, and stink.

Come November, the consumer drones will perform their civic duty by signing-off on one of the banking class' candidates.

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