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Eddie York

Jon Corzine.....Obama claimed to have as much respect for this man as anyone else in Washington.

Jon Corzine.....the second choice for Secretary Treasurer after Tim Geithner (Timmy owed $100,000+ in back taxes after accepting the Job from Obama)

Jon Corzine......One of Obamas top Contributors for the 2012 Election at $900,000+ so far.

Jon Corzine.....CEO MF Global filed for Bankruptcy. Jon announced that he cannot determine what has happened to $1.2 Billion of his Clients Funds that is missing. Jon is free, shopping for a new office in Manhattan and a close personal friend of Obamas.

Obama sure does have so many Corrupt and Dishonest Supporters....$1 Billion is simple to raise when he has many supporters like Jon Corzine.

Four more years of Obama? No way.

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