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Excellent article. Your mention of 50% that vote, still trusting government is something I ponder as well as someone in the G. Carlin wing of political observation. I've met many R's and D's that believe that they just need a new "CEO" and everything will be fine. But I still find that many people vote purely as a sort of "root for my team" as if parties are your favorite football team. The fact that R's and D's hold such power still and generally support a status quo that looks more and more like something only lemmings could support--often amazes me. Clearly good old cognitive dissonance is a big part of this 'ignorance bliss' and of course confirmation bias. So many people I know just reinforce their beliefs by endless amounts of talk radio/tv that strongly reinforces their Rep/or Dem thinking. Tribalism by proxy continues....if ignorance was bliss, then why isn't the US one of the happiest countries in the world? Maybe Schopenhauer was right?

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