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Tourism is the industry that you are left with once all the others are gone.
Unless you live in Detroit.


Barack Obama is willing to screw anyone, forget any promise, lie, insult the intelligence of Americans, and violate the constitution or any law to get anything he wants done, or do anything his corporate masters want.

He pursues reelection ruthlessly and with rabid fury, explaining and justifying his sociopathic behavior as simply one of political life's many unpleasantnesses and inconveniences; even the the most brutal possibilities which result as a consequence of his administrations actions can be justified as "politics".

Change you can believe in?

Change occurs irrespective of belief, and change isn't a fucking synonym for good.


You nailed it, Dave. Don


Great barn-burner of a post!

Almost within the same breath of attempting to rally the downtrodden masses who have found themselves thrown off the economic ladder, Obummer goes to a "$35,800 per ticket fundraiser at the home of director Spike Lee." It's obvious who the figurehead of America serves, and it ain't the commoners of the former republic.

The other day some pleb in South Carolina remarked that she would like to see Romney in the figurehead position because "it would be nice to have someone with business experience running America like a business." Who better to run the corporatocracy that someone from the parasitic financier class. Now we'll really get to see how the disenfranchised get disposed of.

Fernando Vidal

Great site. Great videos. Here in detroit they tell us the city is in debt about 20 billion dollars then spend 2 weeks talking about the auto show, nobody i know can afford a new car anymore. You could buy 3 decent houses in SE Michigan for the price of a cadillac or a loaded pick up. WTF ??


123 Debt Solutions

I here you, so many words but to actually see them in action is another matter.

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